Securing your Messages in an Office 365 environment can be a complicated process.

Cirius is the simplest way to share secure messages, files and information work flows on any device.

Office 365

Share, Track, Control &
Comply all in one.

With the cirius suite of tools your email is more
than secure. Your email is a source of
productivity, letting you focus on what needs to
be done rather than wondering if anything is being done.

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Office 365

Where you are.

What good is security if it doesn’t meet you where
your are? We are mobile at the core. Providing
secure communications where you and your clients,
partners or customers need them.


We’re already integrated with the SAAS applications you know and use.

with other applications being added with each release.

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Whether your are looking for secure messaging, interested in speeding up approvals with e-signature or want to make sure your teams communications are secure on their mobile devices. The cirius suite is an easy five-minute integration is the way to get the most out of your email. Let us show you how we can make your inbox more productive.