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Secure Messaging, File Sharing, and E-Signatures. Simplified.

Cirius is the most secure, simple way to share messages, files and information workflows on any device. We make it easy for your business to:


SHARE information and improve productivity with efficient one-click encryption, large file transfer capabilities, secure e-signatures, APIs and secure web forms.

TRACK messages for automated, real-time visibility into email activity, such as when emails and attachments are opened, forwarded, etc.
CONTROL whether messages can be forwarded or printed, set expiration dates and recall emails at any time.

Cirius’ rapid large file transfer capability allows you to quickly share large files up to 5GBs and have real-time knowledge of when and how the information was received. Large files sent through Cirius won’t clog inboxes.

COMPLY with regulations through data residency and jurisdiction of choice, encryption and data retention for e-discovery.

AUTHORIZE documents using Secure E-Signatures directly within email and other workflows.



Flexible Security for Every Industry, Role and Workflow

Your business needs are unique. That’s why Cirius developed our solution to accommodate any application, industry or departmental role.

Moving to Cloud-based Email? You Need to Get Cirius.

Cirius is the ideal security complement for cloud-based email applications such as Microsoft Office 365 because our solution:

  • Enhances security through advanced message encryption, control and tracking
  • Requires no hardware or IT expertise to install and use
  • Integrates in minutes into existing email infrastructures, including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps for Work and more

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Any User. Every Device. We’ve Got You Covered.

Cirius automatically extends the same security tools to all mobile devices through our security apps for ioS, Android, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10. With an intuitive user interface as well as Secure e-Signatures and large file transfer capabilities, Cirius helps you conduct business easily from anywhere.


Announcing New Secure E-Signatures

Adding your signature to a digital document just got easier. Secure E-Signatures is the simplest, most cost-effective way to securely e-sign documents.

  • Integrate e-signature functionality into Secure Messaging at no additional cost
  • Sign a document without leaving your email
  • E-sign, track and control all documents and information workflows

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Only from Cirius: Information Tracking and Control

How useful is email encryption if you can’t control your information? Only Cirius embeds and tracks information directly within Outlook Office 365 OWA and other browser-based clients. Users can control their private messages by determining:

  • Who read your email and when
  • Whether the message and attachment can be forwarded or printed
  • When the message should expire, if necessary
  • Whether the email and/or attachment gets recalled (even if opened)

Partner with Cirius

CRN called Cirius a “head -turning solution” and CIOReview named us one of the Top 20 Most Promising Office 365 Solution Providers
of 2016. Our partners agree. Learn more

Find out how Cirius complements your Office 365 and other cloud-based application
integrations and helps you win new business. Learn more

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Cirius is a fast-growing team of security professionals driven to make securing messages, files and information workflows easier and more accessible for all organizations.

Find out why so many organizations use Cirius to easily secure, track and control their information workflows.

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