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CRN names Cirius a “Head-Turning Cloud Solution”

... the Cirius Secure Messaging Platform has some pretty serious implications. In essence, the tool provides a simple interface that allows organizations to monitor and encrypt email communications and attachments sent and received to prevent leaks of confidential or proprietary information, intellectual property or other corporate assets. The white-labeled solution is reseller-friendly, can differentiate between business-to-business and business-to-consumer security, and works on all devices.”

E.J. Correia, Managing Editor, Test Center


Secure messaging simplified.

Cirius enables you to securely send, receive and track corporate email on any device, including smart phones and tablets, simply and effectively.




In control of your communications.

Cirius’ “Delivery Slip” empowers you to track when an email is received and read and control whether it can be replied to or forwarded. Users can fully recall a message and its attachments even after it has been sent and opened.



Protect your data.

Cirius’ offers the most advance protection and message control – even after the fact. With true message recall, along with the ability to expire messages at a later date (so recipients can no longer see them), your data is always protected.



Works with your existing security.

Cirius works with any existing data leak prevention engine and can offer “intelligent keyword scanning” of message content based on an organization’s security policies.



Increase productivity with large file transfer.

Cirius’ rapid large file transfer capability allows you to quickly share large files up to 5GBs and have real-time knowledge of when and how the information was received. Large files sent through Cirius won’t clog inboxes.


Cirius seamlessly integrates with no technical expertise needed.

As a cloud-based solution, Cirius has no hardware to install, deploys in minutes and requires no outside IT expertise to implement. Cirius integrates rapidly into existing email infrastructure including Outlook, Office365, Gmail and other standard email platforms using existing email addresses.


Regulatory compliance.

Cirius supports the full spectrum of information privacy and security regulations including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and more.



Electronic discovery.

Cirius ensures messages are verified and intact, and provides real-time knowledge about whether messages were received and read, using date and time stamps.



Build and protect your brand.

Cirius enables businesses to build a reputation of trust and security so that customers and prospects feel confident sharing information.



Make better decisions.

Cirius provides users with real-time knowledge about the receipt and opening of emails sent. With this information, users are better informed and able to eliminate needless follow-ups.


Next generation encryption

We believe security should be straightforward. That’s why our solution is easy to use for everyone with our patented delivery slip and unique security features, anyone can ecrypt and control their messages.

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Great for:


Healthcare providers deal with sensitive data every day.
All this information needs to be securely sent without negatively affecting the workflow.


Clients are increasingly demanding greater protection of their information. Law firms have a great need to communicate via secure messaging.


Financial services need to protect
customers’ data against unauthorized access,
transmission or disclosure.


Providers of insurance must ensure that email messages containing personally identifiable information are secured and that senders and recipients are properly verified.

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