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New Cyber Defense rules and policies ignore the reality: End users are lazy

In the past few weeks both the EU Commission and White House have come out with commentary and rules in response to the rise of cyber-attacks. There is growing awareness that cyber security is becoming a political and business necessity.

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FINRA fines highlights compliance problems with traditional encryption products

The $1.2 million dollar fine levied by FINRA against ING and its affiliates yesterday brings to light compliance problems with traditional encryption solutions long recognized but tolerated in the finance sector. The announcement stated that the firms “..failed to set

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Cirius Joins Parallels Application Packaging Standard (APS) Ecosystem

Cloud based secure email and large file transfer service provider announces integration with Parallels Automation Cirius, the leader in user-friendly SaaS email encryption and secure file transfer, today announced the release of its Application Packaging Standard (APS) integration with Parallels

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