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Mailprotector Joins Cirius Channel to Add Innovative Secure Messaging to Its Email Security Portfolio

Cirius Messaging Inc, the leader in secure corporate messaging, is pleased to announce that Mailprotector has joined the Cirius Channel Program to offer its Secure Messaging Platform through its worldwide network of partners. Mailprotector is a leading email security and

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Data Loss Prevention Could Have Prevented Simple Email Mistake at San Diego Hospital that Resulted in Breach of 14,000 Patient Records

A month after announcing it ranked as a top medical facility in the U.S., Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego had to apologize this week for an email mistake that caused a data breach affecting 14,000 patients. On June 6,

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Email Encryption For Customers using Gmail, Yahoo and

Many of your customers use Gmail, Yahoo or for their personal email. That’s a major challenge if you need to send and receive confidential information with them via email. An effective solution has to be dead simple and not

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The Most Interesting Email Encryption Feature In The World: Real-Time Message Tracking

Photograph taken by © Glenn Francis   The most interesting email encryption feature in the world is real-time tracking. You probably don’t always use secure messaging, but when you do, you should make sure it has real-time tracking. So, what exactly is

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Four Reasons Why Google’s New Encryption Underwhelms

Google’s recent announcement about its new Chrome extension to encrypt Gmail messages made big headlines. While I am a fan of any media coverage raising security awareness, the coverage doesn’t see the forest through the trees. Here’s four reasons why

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Hackers Hiding In The Vents

Not literally in the vents like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, but in electronic HVAC systems that can be used to hack into a company’s network. According to this New York Times article, hackers continue to find creative ways to

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