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Stats Show Secure Messaging is on the Rise in Healthcare

TeleMedicine icon Neff Conner 4.29.11 While mass adoption is not here yet, this recent iHealthBeat article shared some encouraging trends concerning the increased use of secure messaging in healthcare. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT found that about 41% of hospitals were able to send and receive secure

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How CISOs Can Use Secure Messaging To Become More Popular

In 2D by Krystal T 1.15.11 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) have a great opportunity to build goodwill within their organizations through a quick win project like secure messaging. Let’s be honest, a CISO’s job is extremely difficult. They are asked to protect the entire organization from a growing

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Mobile Email’s Popularity Puts Spotlight on Secure Email Apps

Ipad, iphone, Connectors Roger Schultz 4.5.10    The most popular activity on mobile devices isn’t Facebook, Twitter, texting, or web browsing. A study conducted by LiveIntent says its email. The implication is huge for organizations because those that can successfully implement secure mobile messaging can drive more business and deeper relationships with customers who want to

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Goldman Sachs Lobbied Google To Delete Email That Secure Messaging Could Have Recalled

Delete button by Alexei Kuznetsov 2.27.11   An email typo by a Goldman Sachs employee sent client information to the wrong address triggering a firestorm for the investment banking giant. The Verge reported that  “Normally, that would just be an embarrassment, but this particular email included

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Another Reason To Dislike Legacy Email Encryption

Computer Lock & Key by 11.19.13 There’s many reasons to dislike legacy email encryption solutions that require the exchange of public and private encryption keys. There’s hardware that has to deployed and managed that affects your network, and you have to deal with frustrated users when something goes

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Executive Email Privacy: The Hidden Danger of Delegated Inboxes

Laptop/Computer Security by 12.16.13 You may think of your email inbox as yours, but the reality is that it may not be solely yours. It’s standard practice today for multiple people to have access to your inbox, which is a threat to email privacy.  The access is

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Email Strikes Twice More: 53,000 Records Breached with No Data Loss Prevention In Place

Oops by Marcin Wichary 4.28.12 The digital ink had barely dried on our recent posts (here and here) about breaches caused by email when there were two more reports of similar incidents – at Riverside County Colleges and Stanford Federal Credit Union. In both cases, an employee accidentally sent data containing names, social security numbers, and addresses of thousands of people (53,000 in total) via email.  A

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Skip the Lineup at the Post Office and Send Sensitive Information through Secure Messaging

Post Office traveling sorting office, Bressingham Steam Museum, Norfold by Snapshooter46 Many organizations rely on public mail or private couriers to deliver personal information because it’s easy, straightforward and has been the standard operating procedure for a long period of time. In

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Is there a doctor in the house that can secure email?

laptop and stethoscope by jfcherry April 21, 2007 As healthcare strategies shift towards prevention and away from in-patient care, secure email will step forward as a more important tool. All healthcare organizations want lower costs and higher quality care, but its difficult to prioritize among

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Secure Messaging Will Keep Your Ocean Stocked With Customers

There may always be plenty of fish in the sea, but the key to maintaining a bountiful and balanced marine ecosystem is to limit the harmful effects of overfishing. Keeping your customer’s data safe can help net a steady flow

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