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Hackers Increasingly Targeting U.S. Healthcare

The discovery of the first known breach that exploited the Heartbleed bug is another reminder that the U.S. Healthcare industry is being targeted…

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Secure Messaging Fails Without Usability

Larry Seltzer wrote this fantastic article called ‘Security fails without usability’ that appeared recently in He explores the issue…

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Using Secure Messaging To Bridge Executive Communication Gaps

Photo by Keoni Cabral 11.29.10 According to a recent Ponemon Institute Report, nearly a third of IT security teams never speak with their company’s executives about cyber security and of those who did, 23 percent spoke to them only once per year. That means that over half of security

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The Secure Messaging Archiving Dilemma

Video tape archive storage DRs Kulturarvsprojekt 4.3.12 Most enterprises today archive all email messages for e-discovery and legal preparedness reasons. Being unable to meet e-discovery requests risks million dollar fines from industry regulators as well as high legal costs due to inefficient access. There are

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Help Wanted: Data Protection Officers

Ugh by SurFeRGiRL30 9.11.12 Doing business in the European Union (EU) will change dramatically if the EU’s new Data Protection Regulation passes as expected in a few months. Ellen Messmer, Senior Editor of Network World wrote this excellent article about one new requirement for businesses selling goods and services to European citizens

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Containing End User Error Via Data Loss Prevention

Chicken in a Box by LexnGer 6.3.07 “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.” The catchphrase made famous by ESPN host Dan Patrick also applies to the challenge organizations face in preventing security breaches triggered by user error. User error is inevitable, however organizations can contain the risk by using data loss prevention (DLP) tools. At

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Lost CD in the Mail Causes Healthcare Security Breach

Lost Data by Jacob Whittaker 7.8.08 Some security breaches make you shake your head in disbelief. Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) notified patients that their information may have been compromised after an unencrypted CD was lost in the mail en route to a supplier. remeditated attacks by hackers often leverage

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The Call For Law Firms To Use Secure Email

Lady Justice by Scott* 2.27.08 Nate Russell wrote this recent article on about the legal profession’s responsibility to adopt email encryption in the Snowden Era. The article is an excellent summary of both the importance and challenges of secure email that face the legal profession. Russell writes: “The woe-betide message for lawyers, and

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