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Stopping The Use of Unapproved File Transfer Apps

No security professional wants employees using consumer file sharing applications to send large files. There is little to no control or enforcement of protocol, data security, auditability and not to mention an e-discovery nightmare. An organization may have no idea

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Companies warned of growing insider threats

The F.B.I. and Department of Homeland Security recently warned organizations of a rise in insider threat cases stemming from disgruntled former employees. While much of cybersecurity focus is justifiably on external malicious threats, protecting against internal threats is becoming a

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Inefficient Communication Costs Hospitals Billions

A survey from the Ponemon Institute of more than 400 U.S. healthcare providers found that workflow inefficiency and an inability to use secure messaging was hurting patient care and costing hospitals billions of dollars annually. The study examined typical workflows

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Parallels APS Connect event 2014

Twice each year leading independent software vendors (ISVs) and Parallels Automation (PA) Partners are brought together to discuss the latest trends in cloud services, what is and isn’t working and how to successfully go to market with innovative technology. It

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Northwest FCS Prevents Security Breach

Security breaches are occurring so regularly that we may be soon approaching  the point of desensitization. Will anyone be shocked when the next large breach happens? Probably not. That’s why it was very refreshing to come across this story about how a company actually prevented a breach from happening. Northwest

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Cirius Becomes First Secure Messaging Solution Certified with Parallels APS 2  Cirius Secure Messaging Available for Immediate Deployment to any Cloud Solution Providers’ Product Portfolio for Fully Automated Provisioning and Billing via Parallels Automation Vancouver, BC – November 06, 2014 – Cirius Messaging Inc., the leader in secure corporate messaging,

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The Security Breach Blame Game

Over the last couple of years, a constant barrage of security breach stories have been filling up the headlines. Now, we’re starting to see a different kind of security breach story appear more frequently – the story about a victim

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