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Security, Mobile and the Cloud Are Top of Mind For IT

What’s top of mind for IT right now?  According to a recent survey from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, it’s information security, mobile and the cloud. The top priorities for organizations over the next 12 months are security (60

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If You Deploy Secure Messaging, Will Users Adopt?

In the classic baseball movie, Field of Dreams. the voice in the cornfield beckoned “If you build it, he will come.” Unfortunately for secure messaging, it’s not that easy. You can deliver email encryption to your organization that can improve

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Trends

Constantly evolving technology is a challenge for security professionals. It’s one of the reasons why the shift towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is such a headache. As soon as an organization feels comfortable about controlling the security risk of

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Email Mistake Causes Breach of 10,000 Records

On the Cirius Blog, we like to document breaches caused by email as a reminder about the security risk of email that needs to be controlled. The latest email related breach to make headlines affected the Prince George’s County Public

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How To Impress Customers Using Secure Messaging

The use of Secure Messaging can have a massive positive influence on the perception of your brand, especially when exchanging sensitive information with customers. If they think the manner in which you exchange their highly confidential information is cumbersome with

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Third-Party Security Risk Moves To The Top Of The List

When considering the top information security risks facing financial services, advanced hacking threats are probably top of mind. The best example is probably, the 2014 J.P. Morgan Chase breach w impacted 76 million households and 7 million small businesses., It

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Secure Messaging Plus Productivity

An IT professional once told me that her organization’s secure email solution was so difficult to use that whenever she received a secure message that was addressed to multiple people, she would just wait until someone told her what was

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Executive Thoughts on Cloud Security

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently released the “Cloud Adoption, Practices and Priorities Survey Report,” in which IT and Security executives shared their thoughts about various cloud security topics. The survey produced some very interesting results. • 61 percent of

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Closing the Door on Patient Data Breaches

Sometimes million dollar problems can be solved with simple solutions. As one of the most common collaboration tools available today, email also represents a huge Achilles heel for healthcare organizations who may find themselves under investigation for inadvertently leaking patient

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