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Secure Messaging

Leveraging Secure Messaging in the Fight Against Ransomware

It is labeled the “Threat of the Month” in SC Magazine UK. In a recent FBI press release it is called “the most current and significant ransomware threat targeting U.S. individuals and businesses” with victims reporting losses of more than

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data leak prevention

The Value of Secure Messaging: Lessons from the OPM Data Breach

It is now known that there was a significant lack of encryption and other safeguards that could have prevented the compromise of personal information in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach made public in June. Social Security

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It’s Time To Do Away with Paper Forms: Leveraging Secure Web Forms

Despite their shortcomings, paper forms continue to be used to collect all sorts of information including highly sensitive data for a host of purposes from legal to financial to healthcare. Collecting confidential client information by having clients fill out forms

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Beware of MX Records Changes with Your Encryption Solution for Office 365

As we’ve said time and time again, not all email encryption solutions were created equal. These inequalities are especially true when it comes to leveraging your existing IT investments along with a secure messaging solution. Unfortunately however, these discrepancies are

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So You Want to Email Your Doctor?

Well, if you’re in Canada, chances are high that emailing your physician is not an option. As Healthy Debate points out in a recent article, many healthcare clinics and physicians are still relying on phone and fax to communicate (or as we’ve

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