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Keeping Patient Information Secure in the IoT Era

About 26 billion devices are expected to make up the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020 and 40% of the IoT market will be related to healthcare according to Gartner Research. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that healthcare is as

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Data Breaches: Calculating Their Cost is a Complex Conundrum

We often talk about the risk of a data breach and how to prevent it, but one area that still offers much room for discussion is around calculating the true cost of a breach. This is by no means an

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Secure Messaging is Far More than Email Encryption

Picture a scenario where a healthcare professional accidentally emails Patient A the medical history of Patient B. While the email may be encrypted it still ends up in the inbox of the wrong person who now has access to it.

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Data Not Hardware is More Often the Target in Cybercrime

A recent healthcare report issued by Surfwatch Labs identifies that patient data is more than twice as likely as hardware including desktops and laptops to be the target of cybercrime (64.4% for data versus 28.8% for hardware). It’s no secret

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