A Day in the Life of Cirius Users: Dental Clinics

Email Encryption

Welcome to our new “Day in the Life” series where we give you a glimpse of Cirius in action. All companies want you to know how great their products and services are – and we’re no different. However, we also want to share with you examples of how our encryption and message control features can be applied in real-life circumstances, solving real-world business problems.

We know that dentists and hygienists are avid users of business technology in their dental practices as much as they are experts at using sophisticated dental equipment and technologies. (Today we’ll focus on the business side of things and leave the dental equipment to the pros.)

From patient scheduling software in reception that is directly tapped into insurance information, to x-ray files with electronic notebooks that curate patient information – there is no question that dental practices today are experts at handling large, complex files. However, with HIPAA and other information security and compliance considerations, securely sharing sensitive information electronically with patients, colleagues and insurance companies, still presents some challenges.

Our first example in the series is a dentist who we’ll call “Dr. Straube”. Dr. Straube wants to send a patient file to his colleague, a dental surgeon who we’ll call “Dr. Lopez,” for a consult. After reading about the Anthem data breach, Dr. Straube has several reservations about sending the information because of the security risks and concerns about HIPAA non-compliance.

Dr. Straube’s initial fear is of the lack of email security when using Outlook at the office or his personal Gmail account. His other challenge is the sheer size of the file attachments, which include x-ray images that are more than 3GB. Last but not least, he knows he could skip email altogether and just provide the information on a USB memory stick, but a memory stick can be easily misplaced or lost.

In this scenario, here’s how Cirius’ encryption and message control solution solves Dr. Straube’s challenges:

With Cirius, Dr. Straube and Dr. Lopez can easily and securely share patient information including large files over email regardless of which email system they use, be it Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo or any other. Cirius provides email encryption that seamlessly integrates with existing email and email addresses. And along with email security, it provides a host of message control features to manage the entire “lifecycle” of the communications. For example, Dr. Straube is able to see when Dr. Lopez has opened his secure email and replied to it as well as whether Dr. Lopez has forwarded the message to someone else and to whom. He even knows the moment Dr. Lopez has deleted the message.

In this case, although Dr. Lopez is a trusted colleague, he knows that Dr. Lopez’s office staff members sometimes check his email for him. With Cirius, Dr. Straube has the ability to stop replies to and forwarding of the message and he can add additional password protection so that only Dr. Lopez can open it.

Since both dentists have purchased Cirius for their clinics, in addition to the advanced security and control features to help ensure HIPAA compliance, each has a fully customizable and dedicated “slice” of the secure cloud that is branded and encrypted to their existing email environment. They are able to protect their email (and their staff’s email) according to their security needs through Cirius’ customizable “intelligent keyword scanning” technology that automatically triggers email encryption whenever the system flags a sensitive word.

They are also able to ensure a seamless user experience and virtually no learning curve so that staff members actually don’t mind using it. Cirius also works on any device, including smart phones and tablets, so the dentists’ emails and those of their staff are always protected and secured from anywhere they send them.

To experience Cirius’ ease of use for your dental clinic for a month at no charge, sign up at www.cirius.com/trial and let us know what you think.