The Best Way to Secure Email


Email-Icon Yoel Ben-Avraham 5.7.09

Daniel Ingevaldson wrote this interesting article entitled “Why Email Is Worth Saving” that was recently published on Ingevaldson explained why email is still “the” mainstream communication tool despite the proliferation of social media. “Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and other nominal email replacements are completely inadequate for personal B2C communication and sensitive P2P messaging, not to mention robust B2B communication. Email is worth saving and protecting.”

Where Ingevaldson gets off track is when he tries to make the case that that the solution to save email is Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), a new email delivery standard. He even goes as far as to say “Opportunities like this do not come along very often, and it is up to the security community at large to rally behind its adoption.” However, he readily admits that deploying it gets complicated if a company has more than a small number of domains and that many email servers don’t support it today.

The problem with Ingevaldson’s recommendation of DMARC is that he’s suggesting that the savior of email is a difficult-to-deploy, new delivery standard that is going to change processes for end users and require new things to learn. Those flaws sound a lot like the flaws that have plagued legacy email encryption technology, which is why mass adoption hasn’t happened. Complexity in any shape or form is not going to cut it.

From a philosophical perspective, the best way to drive secure email adoption is to be 1) fast and simple to deploy 2) easy to use 3) integrated with existing email infrastructure and 4) full of additional value-adds beyond encryption that boosts productivity and incentivizes the use secure messaging. This is the unique approach that Cirius has taken with cloud secure messaging, and we are seeing viral growth in user adoption every month. End users want to use Cirius Messaging because it’s easy to use, integrated with their existing email inbox and has cool value adds like real-time tracking. Check it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial.