Budget for Secure Messaging You Didn’t Know You Had

dollar sign

A common frustration for security professionals is that their organizations turn into Scrooge McDuck when it comes to investing in security solutions. Does this scenario sound familiar? Your organization will pay for an assessment to be conducted, but not for solutions to remedy vulnerabilities discovered by the assessment. Unfortunately, too many organization wait until after an incident has occurred before investing more in security.

When it comes to secure messaging (i.e. email encryption, DLP, file transfer), one of the key fringe benefits is that it enables secure paperless communication via web forms, e-statements, and messages with time-stamped tracking. Reducing paper-based processes brings valuable efficiency, but even more important is that underneath all that paper is a pot of gold that can finance your secure messaging project.

Your organization could easily be spending many unnecessary thousands if not millions annually on snail mail, parcel services, courier services and fax. Reducing that spend by a modest percentage goes a long way towards paying for secure messaging, if not the entire purchase. If you were armed with your spend figures, do you think you could get Finance’s attention now?

Even with the financial numbers in your favor, it’s rarely that simple. That’s why we always recommend a cross-functional approach where security, product and customer communication leaders align to champion secure messaging together. Cross-functional support plus a sound financial proposal, that’s a winning business case. Sign up for a free trial of Cirius Messaging to see what you’ll be able to buy with your soon-to-be secure messaging budget.