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Hackers Increasingly Targeting U.S. Healthcare

The discovery of the first known breach that exploited the Heartbleed bug is another reminder that the U.S. Healthcare industry is being targeted…

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Lost CD in the Mail Causes Healthcare Security Breach

Lost Data by Jacob Whittaker 7.8.08 Some security breaches make you shake your head in disbelief. Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) notified patients that their information may have been compromised after an unencrypted CD was lost in the mail en route to a supplier. remeditated attacks by hackers often leverage

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Top 10 Worst Security Breaches in Q2

Hacker by mikael altemark 4.2.07 Did you know that 381 reported breaches and 10.8 million records have been exposed in the first six months of 2014? CSO Online posted this excellent summary of the worst security breaches that took place in just the second quarter of 2014.  The consistent rate of high profile breaches and the variety of organizations

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Nearly Half of Healthcare Breaches Are Caused By File Transfer

file cabinets by redjar 3.1.2000 The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Report found that 46 percent of all healthcare security incidents were related to file transfer i.e. lost USB drives, paper files or backup disks. The report cited here “examined more

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Secure Messaging Can Prove a Breach Did Not Occur

Fingerprint by CPOA 2.15.13 One of the challenging aspects of security is that even what constitutes a breach is debatable. For example, if an email with confidential information is sent to the wrong person and the email was recalled before the recipient could read it, is

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Goldman Sachs Lobbied Google To Delete Email That Secure Messaging Could Have Recalled

Delete button by Alexei Kuznetsov 2.27.11   An email typo by a Goldman Sachs employee sent client information to the wrong address triggering a firestorm for the investment banking giant. The Verge reported that  “Normally, that would just be an embarrassment, but this particular email included

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Email Strikes Twice More: 53,000 Records Breached with No Data Loss Prevention In Place

Oops by Marcin Wichary 4.28.12 The digital ink had barely dried on our recent posts (here and here) about breaches caused by email when there were two more reports of similar incidents – at Riverside County Colleges and Stanford Federal Credit Union. In both cases, an employee accidentally sent data containing names, social security numbers, and addresses of thousands of people (53,000 in total) via email.  A

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Data Loss Prevention: Learning From The Basingstoke Council Secure Email Blunder

Many people take steps to protect themselves from identity theft such as shredding bank statements and never providing personal details over email. While every precaution that is taken helps, these steps mean nothing when the organization holding your data is

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Photo by SHUN [iamtekn] “For Big Mistakes” Online Image. 24 January 2009 flickr

Data Loss Prevention Could Have Prevented Simple Email Mistake at San Diego Hospital that Resulted in Breach of 14,000 Patient Records

A month after announcing it ranked as a top medical facility in the U.S., Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego had to apologize this week for an email mistake that caused a data breach affecting 14,000 patients. On June 6,

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