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The New Information Security Perimeter

Pantex perimeter Danny Bradury 7.15.05 It’s not easy being a security professional. You’ve been aggressively ramping up security efforts to protect your organization from sophisticated attackers, but now many are being asked to expand the security perimeter out much further to secure networks of contractors and employees working at

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Containing End User Error Via Data Loss Prevention

Chicken in a Box by LexnGer 6.3.07 “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.” The catchphrase made famous by ESPN host Dan Patrick also applies to the challenge organizations face in preventing security breaches triggered by user error. User error is inevitable, however organizations can contain the risk by using data loss prevention (DLP) tools. At

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Top 10 Worst Security Breaches in Q2

Hacker by mikael altemark 4.2.07 Did you know that 381 reported breaches and 10.8 million records have been exposed in the first six months of 2014? CSO Online posted this excellent summary of the worst security breaches that took place in just the second quarter of 2014.  The consistent rate of high profile breaches and the variety of organizations

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Nearly Half of Healthcare Breaches Are Caused By File Transfer

file cabinets by redjar 3.1.2000 The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Report found that 46 percent of all healthcare security incidents were related to file transfer i.e. lost USB drives, paper files or backup disks. The report cited here “examined more

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Yahoo Email Encryption: Great Marketing Spin on Old Technology

Yahoo’s PGP is a new version of the same old lock and key. Yahoo recently followed Google in announcing email encryption capabilities for their free webmail, leveraging data privacy’s residency in the public spotlight. While this makes for a great headline the

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Email Security is Still a Struggle

Email sign in a lock form by Dominic Jaar 11.28.07 Security officers are still struggling with email security according to Neil Thacker, information security and strategy officer EMEA for Websense. He spoke on the topic at Computing’s recent Enterprise Security and Risk Management Summit 2014. Thacker told the audience that “Bad people

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Secure Messaging Can Prove a Breach Did Not Occur

Fingerprint by CPOA 2.15.13 One of the challenging aspects of security is that even what constitutes a breach is debatable. For example, if an email with confidential information is sent to the wrong person and the email was recalled before the recipient could read it, is

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Stats Show Secure Messaging is on the Rise in Healthcare

TeleMedicine icon Neff Conner 4.29.11 While mass adoption is not here yet, this recent iHealthBeat article shared some encouraging trends concerning the increased use of secure messaging in healthcare. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT found that about 41% of hospitals were able to send and receive secure

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How CISOs Can Use Secure Messaging To Become More Popular

In 2D by Krystal T 1.15.11 Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) have a great opportunity to build goodwill within their organizations through a quick win project like secure messaging. Let’s be honest, a CISO’s job is extremely difficult. They are asked to protect the entire organization from a growing

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Goldman Sachs Lobbied Google To Delete Email That Secure Messaging Could Have Recalled

Delete button by Alexei Kuznetsov 2.27.11   An email typo by a Goldman Sachs employee sent client information to the wrong address triggering a firestorm for the investment banking giant. The Verge reported that  “Normally, that would just be an embarrassment, but this particular email included

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