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Email Strikes Twice More: 53,000 Records Breached with No Data Loss Prevention In Place

Oops by Marcin Wichary 4.28.12 The digital ink had barely dried on our recent posts (here and here) about breaches caused by email when there were two more reports of similar incidents – at Riverside County Colleges and Stanford Federal Credit Union. In both cases, an employee accidentally sent data containing names, social security numbers, and addresses of thousands of people (53,000 in total) via email.  A

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Skip the Lineup at the Post Office and Send Sensitive Information through Secure Messaging

Post Office traveling sorting office, Bressingham Steam Museum, Norfold by Snapshooter46 Many organizations rely on public mail or private couriers to deliver personal information because it’s easy, straightforward and has been the standard operating procedure for a long period of time. In

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Secure Messaging Will Keep Your Ocean Stocked With Customers

There may always be plenty of fish in the sea, but the key to maintaining a bountiful and balanced marine ecosystem is to limit the harmful effects of overfishing. Keeping your customer’s data safe can help net a steady flow

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Data Loss Prevention: Learning From The Basingstoke Council Secure Email Blunder

Many people take steps to protect themselves from identity theft such as shredding bank statements and never providing personal details over email. While every precaution that is taken helps, these steps mean nothing when the organization holding your data is

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Email Encryption For Customers using Gmail, Yahoo and

Many of your customers use Gmail, Yahoo or for their personal email. That’s a major challenge if you need to send and receive confidential information with them via email. An effective solution has to be dead simple and not

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Hackers Hiding In The Vents

Not literally in the vents like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, but in electronic HVAC systems that can be used to hack into a company’s network. According to this New York Times article, hackers continue to find creative ways to

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Budget for Secure Messaging You Didn’t Know You Had

A common frustration for security professionals is that their organizations turn into Scrooge McDuck when it comes to investing in security solutions. Does this scenario sound familiar? Your organization will pay for an assessment to be conducted, but not for

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Mortgage Lenders Unsafe Email Practices Placing Customers At Risk

A recent research study by cyber-security firm, HALOCK, revealed some alarming email habits of U.S. mortgage lenders. Their study of large and small U.S. mortgage lenders found that over 70 percent permitted applicants to send confidential information over unencrypted email.

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Supercharging Office 365 with Secure Messaging

If you’re one of the millions of users of Office 365, you’re probably feeling really good about your purchase. Its a great bundle, reasonably priced, and so easy to deploy in the cloud. Those are the reasons why its one

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SMB Adoption of Secure Messaging in Healthcare Part 2: Painful Penalties

If you missed the first part of our blog series on secure messaging for SMBs in healthcare, you can read it here. Today’s post explores the financial penalties a small medical practice faced following a security breach. In December 2013,

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