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Secure Messaging and Mobile: There’s an App For That

What did we do before we could use our smartphones and tablets to send and receive business emails (or any emails for that matter)? For those who are too young to remember, the process went something like this: We’d wait

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Secure Messaging is Far More than Email Encryption

Picture a scenario where a healthcare professional accidentally emails Patient A the medical history of Patient B. While the email may be encrypted it still ends up in the inbox of the wrong person who now has access to it.

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The Value of Secure Messaging: Lessons from the OPM Data Breach

It is now known that there was a significant lack of encryption and other safeguards that could have prevented the compromise of personal information in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach made public in June. Social Security

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It’s Time To Do Away with Paper Forms: Leveraging Secure Web Forms

Despite their shortcomings, paper forms continue to be used to collect all sorts of information including highly sensitive data for a host of purposes from legal to financial to healthcare. Collecting confidential client information by having clients fill out forms

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So You Want to Email Your Doctor?

Well, if you’re in Canada, chances are high that emailing your physician is not an option. As Healthy Debate points out in a recent article, many healthcare clinics and physicians are still relying on phone and fax to communicate (or as we’ve

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Healthcare Professionals: Working Efficiently While Protecting Patient Data

There is no question that public and regulatory pressure on healthcare providers to protect and secure patient information is continuing to increase. Fuelled by high profile data breaches, such as Anthem’s that continue to generate coverage and analysis in the

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Human Error: The Greatest Threat to Data Security

Much of the buzz around cybersecurity issues faced by SMBs and enterprises is related to the idea of an obscure shadowy figure hidden in a basement somewhere typing madly on a keyword. While the external threat of criminal activity should

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Cirius Strengthens Reach Through North American Distribution Alliance with Ingram Micro

CIRIUS MESSAGING STRENGTHENS REACH THROUGH NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTION ALLIANCE WITH INGRAM MICRO Cirius secure messaging available through Ingram Micro channel, the world’s largest distributor of technology products VANCOUVER, CANADA (March 9, 2015), Cirius Messaging Inc. has significantly increased the potential

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Secure messaging aside, why Hillary Clinton isn’t that different from us

Back in 2012, this photo of Hillary Clinton (apparently) texting on her smartphone took the Internet by storm, and “Texts from Hillary” joined the ever growing pantheon of Internet “memes”. The thought of potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton texting and

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If You Deploy Secure Messaging, Will Users Adopt?

In the classic baseball movie, Field of Dreams. the voice in the cornfield beckoned “If you build it, he will come.” Unfortunately for secure messaging, it’s not that easy. You can deliver email encryption to your organization that can improve

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