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Imagining Innovation in Email

Manhattan Central Park – Imagine Mosaic 8.25.12 When Gmail turned ten years old earlier this year, it made people pause and think “Wow, has it really been 10 years?” When Gmail first came on the scene, it was definitely slicker than the other options out there and did add

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Secure Messaging Can Prove a Breach Did Not Occur

Fingerprint by CPOA 2.15.13 One of the challenging aspects of security is that even what constitutes a breach is debatable. For example, if an email with confidential information is sent to the wrong person and the email was recalled before the recipient could read it, is

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This photograph was taken by Glenn Francis

The Most Interesting Email Encryption Feature In The World: Real-Time Message Tracking

Photograph taken by © Glenn Francis   The most interesting email encryption feature in the world is real-time tracking. You probably don’t always use secure messaging, but when you do, you should make sure it has real-time tracking. So, what exactly is

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