Cirius Aids Those Who Protect and Serve


Consider these scenarios: A drug dealer escapes with evidence while police wait for a paper warrant.

To make a swift arrest, detectives need crime scene images from forensics experts in the field.  Military troops document critical intelligence but cannot securely transfer the information from their location.

In all three instances, email would expedite information sharing, but without encryption and message control, the security risks outweigh the benefits of cloud-based email—especially when it comes to mobile access. Still, the drive to modernize legacy technology, facilitate communication and cut costs is pushing the public sector to move to cloud computing, and that includes email.

According to, state CIOs in the U.S. plan to focus on security and cloud IT in 2016. Furthermore, cloud computing among law enforcement agencies is increasing, as many choose to store records, fingerprints, and surveillance and body camera videos using the Microsoft Azure platform. To protect this data and comply with stringent government regulations in various regions, these agencies need a comprehensive cloud-based email security solution that goes beyond encryption to augment existing web-based email systems.

This is where Cirius Secure Messaging lays down the law. With desktop-level encryption and rapid large file transfer capabilities, Cirius protects the most sensitive messages and attachments, while simplifying collaboration among first responders and law enforcement. Not only can a judge email that warrant to the police instantly, he can control whether it gets forwarded or printed. Forensics can send photos securely without file size limitations. And the same level of control and protection applies to smartphones and tablets, which is crucial for firefighters, police officers and military personnel who need reliable, on-the-go access to data.