Cirius Launches Industry’s Most Secure E-Signature Solution

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Pro Account Includes Secure Messaging, File Sharing, Tracking and Document E-Signing for $7.95 per Month

Cirius, a provider of solutions that secure, track and manage enterprise messages, file sharing and information workflows, today announced the addition of a Secure E-Signature solution to its cloud-based Secure Messaging platform. Cirius’ Secure E-Signatures marks a significant advancement in electronic signature functionality by providing essential document security in an easy-to-use solution that integrates into any email client.

The demand for e-signatures is rising rapidly, as many industries seek to replace physical signatures and increase the speed of approvals and authorizations. However, regulatory requirements, e-signature legislation and organizational policies often dictate the need to secure documents and confidential information in transit. Fulfilling this document security requirement usually involves adding an extra layer of encryption, making e-signature solutions difficult to implement and reducing the likelihood of use.

Responding to this need, Cirius developed its Secure E-Signature solution to help users quickly sign and send documents and files for electronic approval, without the need for additional encryption security. This increases the likelihood of e-signature adoption while maintaining a high level of document and information security.

Cirius’ Secure E-Signature solution integrates directly into the company’s Secure Messaging Suite, making it easy to create, sign and send documents within email clients including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 OWA. Using the click-to-acknowledge process, required signatories simply click on the attachment in their email, type their name into the e-signature certificate field, and click to acknowledge their signature. Secure Messaging automatically tracks documents and alerts the sender when documents are signed via desktop and mobile alert notifications.

Key features for Cirius Secure E-Signature solution include:

  • Built-in, maximum document security. Encrypt and protect documents and confidential information easily by hitting “send secure” button. Every user is authenticated, messages and files are fully secured, and signed documents are stored encrypted in the users’ Secure Messaging portal.
  • Signing and tracking integrated into email client. Documents are sent, signed and tracked within Office 365 and other email clients, facilitating adoption and use.
  • E-signature non-repudiation. Full authentication, tracking and e-signing data is appended to the document.
  • Real-time activity alerts. Receive real-time notifications of e-signatures and track when messages are opened, documents are downloaded and other actions.
  • Total message control. Uses Cirius’ message control functions for additional security, including Forward Freeze™, Reply Freeze™, FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) and message recall.
  • Selectable data residency. Choose a data center location for documents and emails for regulatory compliance.
  • Support for large files and various file types without size restrictions. Validate sizable documents such as complex PDFs as well as other file types, including x-rays.
  • Branded to original sender. Emails to signatories originate from the sender’s brand, eliminating confusion about who owns and sent the information.
  • Full mobile functionality. Messages can be sent, signed and tracked through Cirius’ existing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Blackberry 10.
  • SSO integration. Integrates with existing SSO deployment, including SAML2.0 or OAuth2.0 for comprehensive enterprise-level security.

“The need for a better, more secure, and more cost-effective e-signature solution was identified by one of our own customers,” said Kevin Froese, Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “During an integration for a large medical equipment manufacturer, they expressed their frustration over a separate project to integrate an e-signature solution that required PKI-based encryption to secure documents. It was so difficult that they dropped the project. We realized we could do it better by integrating the solution into our own platform and proceeded to build it with their feedback. They became our first Secure E-Signature customer.”

Cirius’ Secure E-Signature is fully integrated into the company’s Secure Messaging Suite, which provides enterprise-level security, tracking, and control for sharing messages, large files, and information workflows. The subscription price for a Secure Messaging Pro Account, which includes Secure E-Signatures, is $7.95 per month per user and free for guest users, compared to $15 to $25 user per month for competing e-signature only products. Cirius’ Secure E-Signature is available for new and existing customers starting March 10, 2016. For more information on Secure E-Signature or any of Cirius’ solutions, visit

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Cirius offers cloud-based solutions that help organizations easily secure, track, and control B2B, B2C and internal messages, files, and information workflows. Cirius integrates easily with Office 365, Outlook, and other email and cloud-based applications solutions to improve user productivity and facilitate information sharing and control, while maintaining industry and data privacy requirements from any application, on any device. Used by more than 7,000 organizations worldwide, the Cirius Secure Messaging solution can be used by any department to protect their messages and information workflow without changes to existing infrastructure. Cirius is the simplest, most secure way to share, track, and manage information workflows in the digital enterprise. For more information visit