Cirius Receives New Patent to Opt In/Out of Messages, Extending Secure Messaging Leadership

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  • Patented technology permits users to opt out of and back in to specific message threads.
  • Complements existing features in Cirius’s Secure Messaging platform for secure messaging encryption, file sharing, and secure e-signatures.
  • Cirius patent portfolio includes eight patents for secure electronic message features.

Cirius, a provider of cloud-based security solutions, announced that it has received a new patent for its innovative Secure Messaging platform, which includes secure, private messaging, large file sharing, secure e-signatures, and advanced message tracking and control.  The new patent extends Cirius’s portfolio of patents around innovative features for securing, tracking, and controlling messages for organizations of any size.

According to research firm Radicati, approximately 205 billion emails are sent daily, with the average office worker receiving 121 messages each day. To help business users manage and prioritize such a high volume of emails more efficiently, Cirius augmented its Secure Messaging solution with a newly-patented opt out feature, allowing users to leave email or chat conversations and then return to them when convenient.

The new opt-out capability complements Secure Messaging’s other message control features, such as the Delivery Slip, Forward Freeze, and Reply Freeze, which extend tracking and control well beyond traditional email solutions.  Along with Secure Messaging’s newest feature, Secure E-Signatures, these technologies deliver protected workflow-enhancing capabilities, including real-time notifications that show when a message is received, read or answered, and control whether it can be forwarded, deleted or printed, and the ability to e-sign and authorize documents securely and legally within the users’ email clients.

“Our Secure Messaging solution already provides extensive visibility and control of messaging activities,” said Josef Lara, SVP of Business Development at Cirius.  “Now, our latest patented technology makes it even easier for users to manage their messages and simplify business communications. It’s an important next step in bridging high-level cloud email security and workflow efficiency.”

In addition to the Thread/Conversation Opt Out patent, Cirius holds patents for seven other Secure Messaging features.  In total, the features of the Secure Messaging platform complement existing cloud-based email solutions, including Microsoft Office 365 to provide:

  • Improved, secure sharing and collaboration
  • Secure exchange of large files
  • Tracking and control of messages and files
  • Secure and non-repudiable electronic signatures
  • Support for regulatory compliance
  • An easy-to-use guest sign up and interface that facilitates use by business partners and customers.

Cirius is the only company that provides such granular level of email control. Its new opt-out feature is available as part of the Secure Messaging platform, included in its one low-priced subscription. For more information, visit

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Cirius offers cloud-based solutions that help organizations easily secure, track, and control B2B, B2C and internal messages, files, and information workflows. Cirius integrates easily with Office 365, Outlook, and other email and cloud-based applications solutions to improve user productivity and facilitate information sharing and control, while maintaining industry and data privacy requirements from any application, on any device. Used by more than 7,000 organizations worldwide, the Cirius Secure Messaging solution can be used by any department to protect their messages and information workflow without changes to existing infrastructure. Cirius is the simplest, most secure way to share, track, and manage information workflows in the digital enterprise. For more information visit