Cirius is Serious About O365


The expanding Office 365 blue ocean is creating new opportunities for ISVs and OEMs almost on a daily basis. An established Vancouver, B.C.-based ISV, Cirius, was founded in 2006 and has been active in the Office 365 community for a couple of years, but I only recently discovered it myself.

At its core, it offers an e-mail encryption add-on to Office 365 and other IT scenarios. But that understates its true capabilities. I recently met with Cameron Burke, SVP Business Development, at Microsoft’s Redmond campus where we both had mutual business. In a wide-ranging chat, I quickly discovered that there is a lot of “there there” with Cirius that doesn’t reveal itself at first blush.

“Is e-mail encryption a commodity?” Burke asked rhetorically. “It will be, but today we are able to offer e-mail encryption services plus a lot more.” Basically, if you need a shoe that fits, but you don’t want to wear “Microsoft’s shoe” with its basic encryption, then Cirius provides this service in Office 365 today. “One of our value propositions is that we are independent from Microsoft. We complement Office 365, Exchange or Outlook but then we add value with services beyond Microsoft’s offering.”

Beyond Email Encryption

Within 30-mins of our Redmond visit, I was well-versed in the features and functionality of the Cirius security solution. Again, it’s way beyond e-mail encryption. For example – there is functionality in place to send very large encrypted attachments outside of the Exchange-based e-mail in Office 365. You can also use a management interface to truly recall a message and prevent forwarding. There is even a patented “For Your Eyes Only” (F.Y.E.O.) function that adds a secondary layer of security.

Cirius has been quietly providing cloud-based secure email, data loss prevention and large file transfer solutions to thousands of customers globally. In short, the Cirius Secure Messaging Platform allows companies to control all their internal and external corporate communications without keys or certificates. It was specifically designed to replace traditional, difficult-to-use encryption technology, adding unique productivity features that drive adoption. In addition to encryption, the Secure Messaging Platform provides, real-time message tracking, data loss prevention, large file transfer, mobile messaging, and API integration right into Office 365. It is designed to take the complexity out of security and to provide end users with unique productivity tools that improve communication and workflow.

When I asked the compliance “elephant in the room” question, I learned that Cirius’ secure messaging solution allows companies to meet increasingly stringent privacy, industry and internal compliance policies such as HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA, in addition to other security and privacy and data sovereignty acts.

Secret Sauce

And if you haven’t heard of Cirius, don’t worry, as I was only recently introduced myself. Its approach to staying in the background and allowing its partners to resell its solution is driven by strategy. One way you can see that play out is its “OEMing” of its product to AppRiver. If you look closely at the AppRiver Email Encryption solution (called CipherPost Pro), it’s really driven by the Cirius solution platform. Burke shared that this is the Cirius way to put partners first.

Looking Forward

“We’re taking the complexity out of security. We’re making security part of everyone’s end user experience.” Burke concluded. Look for Cirius to continue to drive conversations about how security and content control are topics that impact everybody.