How the Cloud is Really Changing Security

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Brandon Butler recently wrote an article published on entitled ‘How the cloud is changing security.” Butler discusses an emerging solution category called Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), which offer provide additional security for cloud-based applications. Typically offered as a lightweight service, CASBs sit between users and the cloud service gating control of it. So, if a CASB is enabled with, then when users log on to Salesforce, the CASB would be a proxy sitting in front of Salesforce.

CASBs are an interesting category of solution, however, the article neglects to mention the larger trend that the cloud is actually changing security in a more meaningful way directly through cloud-based security applications. For cloud-based secure messaging for example, you don’t need a CASB because the application integrates with a user’s customary email inbox. Neither internal nor external users have to be on a VPN and can use it from any device and location.

The challenge with on-premise encryption, data loss prevention and large file transfer solutions is that they are complicated and expensive to deploy and manage. It can take many months to install on-premises hardware in multiple locations, which impacts your network architecture. Legacy email encryption solutions have also been historically complicated to use. That’s a recipe for a failed security project that too many organizations have followed.

Cloud-based solutions like those from Cirius remove the complexity. Being able to deploy secure messaging, data loss prevention and large file transfer in minutes with live users is real security innovation. It’s game changing for large organizations looking to simplify complex requirements across thousands of global business units using a mix of different on-premises and hosted email solutions. It’s also game-changing for SMBs that are able to gain access to enterprise-grade security affordably and without needing IT staff to manage it.

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Image: Cloud Computing JD Hancock 2.8.14