If You Deploy Secure Messaging, Will Users Adopt?


In the classic baseball movie, Field of Dreams. the voice in the cornfield beckoned “If you build it, he will come.” Unfortunately for secure messaging, it’s not that easy. You can deliver email encryption to your organization that can improve security and compliance, but users may not want to play ball.

It’s a stark reality that many investments in email encryption do not succeed. End users balk at adopting systems that are difficult-to-use, and the moment a secure email causes a delay with a customer is the moment you have lost that user. The shortcoming of too many secure messaging deployments is that the focus is solely on encryption, and user productivity is an afterthought.

The key to a successful secure messaging deployment is delivering productivity value that makes users want to use it. It’s a novel concept to emphasize productivity, but if you focus on driving adoption then you will actually achieve improved security and compliance. Here are a few examples of features that appeal to users.

  • Real-time tracking: Confirms with a timestamp when a recipient has read or taken any other action on a message. Especially when used in time-sensitive workflows, real-time tracking is far more effective than sending read receipts.
  • Large File Transfer: Lets users send large files of any size securely directly from their customary inbox, which eliminates the need to use a separate tool or ask IT for help.
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps: Brings secure messaging to phones and tablets so users can send secure messages and attachments even when travelling.

If secure messaging helps productivity, users will come. We see it with our customers who are seeing adoption grow virally every month. To see what secure messaging that impacts productivity looks like, sign up for a free trial here.

Field of Dreams jimmy brown 6.28.13