Email Encryption Happened On Facebook So It Must Be Real


It isn’t real until it happens on Facebook. Most of us have heard or said iterations of this tongue in cheek expression in one form or another. It is, of course, in reference to the power and influence social media has in our lives. Any humor aside, to those of us in the industry it is not surprising to learn that Facebook has introduced encryption for sensitive emails to its users.

As security plays an increasingly important role in our personal and professional lives, the market for email encryption continues to expand (as does the quest for new and better ways to deliver it). The news from Facebook serves as emphasis. It also underscores the fact that encryption is not just for businesses in regulated industries anymore; rather it’s a tool that offers real competitive value.

Given the volumes of business intelligence being shared over email – which continues to be the most widely used communications platform for business – protecting it is vital. Data loss, whether intentional or accidental, is a real threat to every business. Additionally, being able to offer employees, customers and partners a secure way to share information demonstrates that the business is taking its audiences’ privacy and confidentiality seriously.

With so many indicators pointing to encryption as becoming de facto business standard, finding one that meets the needs of the business without adding complexity is often the first step. If users must leave their regular email environment to send an encrypted message this can create problems with adoption. Many businesses also want to know what other ways the solution can add value. For example, does it provide real-time “auditable” tracking so users know (and prove) the moment their encrypted message is received and opened? Can users securely send large file attachments? How well does it integrate with existing systems such as data leak prevention, archiving, or mobile device management solutions?

As with any investment in business security, all avenues should be explored and questions asked. Even if you already have encryption at your organization we encourage you to get in touch with us for a trail. We won’t go as far as posting our relationship status on Facebook, but we assure you that our offering is real, will provide exceptional value and if you’re not completely satisfied you can walk away with no obligation no effort to change it back.