Email Security Still the Achilles Heel of Business


If the recent Facebook privacy policy hoax – which filled news feeds everywhere with self-proclaimed privacy-protection notices – achieved anything, it was a message loud and clear that organizations need to take privacy and security extremely seriously. The loss of data, whether caused by theft, human error or being given away without consent not only means the potential loss of valuable intellectual property, it also puts employee and customer information as well as their trust at enormous risk.

We know all this, yet on an almost daily basis and in virtually every industry the media exposes a new security breach incidence. So, if we recognize the importance of safeguarding data, why are these incidences continuing to rise?

According to an email statistics report from The Radicati Group, the number of emails sent and received each day total over 205 billion of which 112.2 billion are for business purposes alone. With so much information being passed back and forth each second it’s not surprising business and personal email represent a major security risk.

There is a strong argument to be made for mandatory encryption and security solutions for all businesses including those in both security-regulated and non-regulated industries. While this statement may seem unduly harsh or overbearing, especially for businesses in non-regulated environments, the fact remains that any business which uses email as a form of communications is at risk of a data breach.

Regardless of whether it becomes mandated across the board or not, there really is no good reason not to have email security as part of the IT strategy. With the growing availability of cloud-based email encryption and message control solutions that are affordable, easy to use and work seamlessly within existing email and on mobile devices – the decision to use email security is a no-brainer for protecting a business’ bottom line.

What’s more, the upsurge of cost-effective, innovative secure messaging solutions have started to shatter the pre-existing notions of years past that email encryption still isn’t user-friendly, doesn’t work well or is just an added layer of frustration for employees. These days those perceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today’s email security solutions, like secure messaging, are simple to use and offer powerful bank-grade protection combined with a multitude of message control features, such as the ability to instantly and fully recall a message even after it is opened and the ability to see the moment a secure message is received and read and by whom. In fact, the new-generation of email security tools are as much about making people’s jobs and lives easier as they are about protection. These solutions are about building trust with customers and employees: the same trust on which brands and reputations are built – which perhaps offers the greatest long-term value and justification off all