Finding Real Productivity Gains in Secure Mobile Messaging

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Mobile Worker Michael Coghlan 5.30.12

Organizations that invest in secure mobile access are discovering tangible productivity gains that are boosting efficiency and profitability. According to this BizTech article 54 percent of users participating in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs are using mobile applications beyond phone calls and traditional email. The article cities several examples from studies that shows organizations are realizing real benefits from the incorporation of mobile access into workflows:

  • Intel found that staff members freed up nearly an hour a day due to mobile efficiencies, which if spread throughout Intel would greatly reduce the cost of doing business.
  • Intel also found that mobility gains aren’t only for traveling employees. A study of tablets used in the firm’s manufacturing operations documented increased efficiency, accuracy and savings in time and costs. Technicians increased productivity up to 17 percent and saw a 30 percent time savings in processes.
  • A building materials company discovered that pricing errors for field sales reps could cost nearly $1 million per week. Updated data could be provided to field sales reps via mobile devices to avoid these errors.
  • A Lextech customer that provides energy audits for corporate clients uses a mobile app to cut audit time by two-thirds, which enables auditors to generate more revenue for the enterprise and creates more satisfied customers.

The productivity gains of mobile are real and significant, so organizations should be investigating workflows where mobile can make a difference. However, in the examples above involving intellectual property, confidential company and client information it’s easy to see where security has to be provided along with mobile access.

Fortunately, security no longer has to be productivity’s enemy. The Cirius Secure Messaging Platform includes free native apps on all major devices, which makes sending encrypted messages and attachments of any size remarkably easy and secure from any location. Check it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial here.