Five Secure Messaging Must Haves


It can be challenging to choose between secure messaging and email encryption solutions as many offer a very similar feature set and marketing message. It’s time to look beyond the ‘send secure’ button and generic claims of being ‘easy to use.’  Here’s five secure messaging must haves  that will make a difference in how successful your secure messaging deployment will be.

1. Real-Time Tracking

Encryption alone brings little value to your employees, and is actually viewed as a negative that can slow down everyday work. You have to deliver value-added features to employees to encourage adoption. Real-time tracking within the UI improves productivity for senders and recipients because they always know what action has been taken on a message and can take subsequent action faster. It’s particularly valuable for use within time-sensitive workflows as it helps employees complete workflows faster.

2. DLP With Message Recall 

In order to be prepared for user error, you should assume that an email with confidential information is going to get sent to the wrong email address at some pointData Loss Prevention (DLP) with strong message recall gives you assurance that the mistake won’t result in a breach that costs your organization millions of dollars. Make sure that the recall functionality does not require the recipient’s permission to wipe it from their machine and that it works even if the message has been read.  

3. Large File Transfer

Another value add that can make secure messaging attractive to end users is large file transfer capability. Even if you have email size restrictions on your corporate account, secure messaging can enables employees to safely overcome those restrictions. Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 means they don’t even have to leave their customary inbox, so the process of sending a 1 GB file is as easy as sending a regular email.

4. Archiving for e-Discovery into Any Third-Party Solution

Secure messaging without the ability to archive all messages, metadata and tracking info leaves you exposed to a potential compliance nightmare. Many solutions using legacy encryption key technology simply cannot meet this requirement. Solutions should be able to automatically decrypt messages into any third-party archiving solution for e-Discovery purposes.

5. One Minute Deployment

If you hear that deployment can take weeks or months and that it requires the installation of hardware that will affect your network, then just walk away. For secure messaging to be successful in the long run, deployment has to be simple, flexible and scalable. One minute deployment is the benchmark using a cloud-based solution, which enables secure messaging to be a quick win project.    

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Image: give me five! Martin Fisch 5.9.11