Four Departments In Every Org That Exchange Confidential Information


It wasn’t that long ago when many viewed information security as a priority only for those in heavily regulated industries.  Regulatory compliance is a key driver for security, but as we’re seeing breaches affecting companies across many industries it’s time to acknowledge that every organization needs greater security.

Just about every organization exchanges some confidential information in everyday business scenarios. Below are four departments found in most organizations that should be using secure messaging to protect confidential information sent over email.

Human Resources

HR deals in high volumes of confidential employee information such as tax, banking, payroll and benefits information. It is also common for offer letters and other sensitive information to be exchanged with external candidates using their personal, unsecure consumer email accounts.


Internal finance department often function like a small financial institution in making and accepting high volumes of payments involving customers, partners and other third-parties. They also manage highly confidential financial performance reports.


Internal Legal departments are responsible for litigation, business agreements and customer contracts, which often contain confidential and proprietary information.

Executive Leadership

Company leaders frequently exchange high value and sensitive information that affects major business activities such as mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, or current and future business strategies.

In today’s world of global hacking threats, every organization needs information security because the exchange of confidential information is a common business activity. The key to making secure messaging work for all departments is to make it simple. You can’t expect employees in HR, Finance, Legal or your executive team to be highly technical, so the solution cannot change how they work today. This is where many legacy encryption solutions have failed in the past.

Cirius Messaging is unique in the industry because of its deep integration with all of today’s email programs including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Users never have to leave their customary email inbox to send or receive encrypted emails, and benefit from unique productivity features such as real-time tracking.  Check out for yourself why Cirius Messaging is such a popular product by signing up for a free Cirius trial.

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