Four Secure Messaging Resolutions For 2015


As we blogged about here, 2014 was a challenging year for security. As we head into 2015, its time for security professionals to make a few changes in how they approach secure messaging. Here’s four secure messaging resolutions to consider.

1) Add Productivity to Security

Security initiatives are more likely to succeed if they bring additional business value to organizations such as increased productivity. Secure Messaging is one of the few security initiatives that can bring tremendous productivity improvements and has been proven to shorten time-sensitive workflows from weeks to days. A secure messaging initiative represents a great opportunity to partner with business unit leaders to improve both efficiency and security.

2) Stop Employee Mistakes from Causing Breaches

2014 saw too many stories of breaches being caused by employees making email mistakes and/or losing physical file transfer devices. All of those breaches were preventable through secure messaging that includes data loss prevention (DLP) and large file transfer over email. Acquiring solutions that can prevent employee mistakes from causing a breach that could cost your organization millions of dollars is low hanging fruit that every organization should act upon.

3) Seek Fast Deployments and Quick Wins 

With the rapid growth and popularity of cloud-based security solutions, security no longer has to be complicated and difficult to deploy. Cloud-based secure messaging can be deployed in minutes without extensive system disruption, so it’s a security project that you can implement quickly to achieve a quick win.

4) Shift from Secure Email to Secure Messaging

Secure email, also known as email encryption is just one piece of secure messaging, which also includes DLP, large file transfer, and secure mobile messaging. Secure email by itself leaves many unmitigated security risks, and therefore brings limited value to your organization. Security professionals should think broader in terms of secure messaging, which takes into account a mobile working environment.

At Cirius, we are extremely excited for 2015 as we hope to continue the momentum we have been building. We experienced fantastic growth last year with both SMBs and enterprise organizations because Cirius delivers a unique combination of patented features, ease of deployment and great usability.

2015 can be the year your organization addresses secure messaging. You can sign up for a free trial of Cirius Messaging here.


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