Getting Executives Excited About Secure Messaging


Getting senior executive buy-in and budget support for security initiatives is not always easy. As we talked about in this recent post, communication between security executives and senior leadership can be irregular. However, secure messaging can be an initiative that interests senior management because it has a few unique features that appeal specifically to an executive user.

C-level executives are often exchanging highly confidential information via email such as company financials, board meeting minutes or potential M&A info that would be extremely damaging if leaked or stolen. Ask your leadership team if they know how many internal people have regular access to their email inbox? The number likely includes administrative assistants via delegated inboxes as well as IT personnel that administer email solutions. It’s an attack vector waiting to happen.

You can offer your executive team a solution that provides C-Level security and privacy when using delegated inboxes. Using ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (F.Y.E.O.) functionality in Cirius Messaging, executives will be able to password-protect selective email messages in their customary inbox. Every time a message using F.Y.E.O. is accessed, the password must be re-entered, so others with access to their inbox cannot see the message or attachments. Even if a laptop is stolen, and the rest of their inbox is exposed, the secure messages remains confidential.

While your executives are testing the F.Y.E.O. functionality, they’re also going to see real-time tracking included in the secure messages. It’s patented technology that allows them to track in real-time all actions taken on secure messages. Senior executives love real-time tracking because when a time-sensitive response is needed, he or she know exactly when it was viewed by recipients and if they took further action.

A great way to get C-level support for a security initiative is to make them the pilot group that uses it and becomes excited about it. Check it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial here.

Image: Spring Rocks part II (Rocker Executive) Jesus Solana 4.12.13