Goldman Sachs Lobbied Google To Delete Email That Secure Messaging Could Have Recalled


Delete button by Alexei Kuznetsov 2.27.11


An email typo by a Goldman Sachs employee sent client information to the wrong address triggering a firestorm for the investment banking giant. The Verge reported that  “Normally, that would just be an embarrassment, but this particular email included private client data, and Goldman Sachs is willing to move heaven and earth to get it back. According to a new report from Reuters, the battle has taken the Wall Street firm to the New York State Supreme Court, pleading with Google to delete the email to prevent a needless and massive privacy violation.”  Google has since agreed to block the message.

The incident is remarkable in that a $40 billion dollar organization had to resort to emergency legal action and hope for help because of a common email mistake – typing in the wrong email address. Needless to say, that doesn’t sound like the ideal amount of control appropriate for any organization, much less one for one where client privacy is king.

Investing in secure messaging and data loss prevention that doesn’t have strong recall functionality is not a wise choice.  It’s like a mountain climber buying cheap ropes. The recall function serves as a golden safety net that can stop an extremely expensive and damaging mistake. Cirius is proud of our secure message and attachment recall capability because it is unique in the industry. You don’t need a recipient’s permission to recall a message, it can be done from any device and location, it has real-time tracking to confirm whether a message has been viewed and it even works if the message and attachment have been read.

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