Google Apps For Work and Secure Messaging – A Great Match for (Regulated) Businesses


As more and more businesses move to Google Apps for Work to support their business communications, email security is playing an increasingly important role. According to a recent Bitglass report, Google’s enterprise base is up to 22.8 percent from 16.3 percent last year. It is also making a strong push with promotions that offer to pay for customers to switch to Google Apps from their existing contract – see a recent article in The Wall Street Journal with the story.

With incentives like the one above, Google is an attractive option for cloud-based business communications and collaboration. But what does this mean for organizations in tightly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, legal and the public sector that must meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley and other legislation?

For regulated businesses, whether you use Google or Microsoft, it is your choice provided you choose a secure messaging tool that supports regulatory compliance on any email communications platform. Cirius, for example, provides seamless integration with Google Chrome (as well as Office 365 and Outlook) so businesses can send and receive encrypted and protected communications right from their usual inbox.

By keeping employees in their regular email system using their regular email addresses when sending messages securely, there is no interruption to workflow or the way they’re used to managing their email. This seamless integration is important because adoption is often the biggest challenge when it comes to introducing a new security measure.

In addition to security, secure messaging tools often include a host of control features that work directly from Gmail. These days, encryption is one small – albeit important – piece of the security pie. If you work in a regulated industry and you are interested in using a cloud-based secure messaging tool like Cirius with Google Apps for Work, you will have the following control features in addition to email encryption and support for compliance:

  • The ability to fully and instantly recall messages even after they have been opened.
  • Real-time knowledge of the moment a secure message sent in Gmail is received and opened and by whom. Users will also be able to stop recipients from forwarding messages or replying to them.
  • The ability to securely share large file attachments up to 5 GB without overloading email inboxes.
  • The ability to send and receive secure messages including sharing secure attachments with an unlimited number of receivers outside of the organization, such as clients, partners, suppliers and more.
  • The ability to add an additional password on secure messages that are being sent to a shared inbox where more than one person has access rights.
  • The ability to send and receive messages and attachments securely on any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

So, if email security is on your mind and your business is either already using Google Apps or considering switching from another platform, rest assured you can achieve compliance easily and cost-effectively. You can also request a free trial of Cirius by signing up here.