Hosted Security Solutions Must Bring Additional Value to an Organization Above and Beyond Protection


Information Security Wordle by Purple Slog 9.19.2008

Cyber security threats are on the rise while budgets are on the decline according to the Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 released by PwC this past month. The report makes for dire reading:  “the number of reported information security incidents around the world rose 48 percent to 42.8 million, the equivalent of 117,339 attacks per day”. However despite this unprecedented rise in threat levels, “security spending as a percentage of IT budget has remained stalled at 4 percent or less for the past five years”.

For an SMB that is growing, embracing cloud services while still looking to protect their customer’s data in the best way possible, this represents a problem. Without the necessary budget to invest in infrastructure above and beyond what is required to meet minimum compliance standards, picking and choosing security solutions can be difficult. IT leaders must therefore look for products that tick multiple boxes, and bring value above and beyond just data protection and security.

Consider email encryption and data leak protection, an increasingly in-demand package as cyber security threats are on the rise and organizations are responsible for storing and sharing higher volumes of sensitive data. If not deemed a necessity under regulatory compliance, IT departments may not have space within their budget to consider this critical piece of protecting valuable information. For this reason, service providers in the space must differentiate by providing additional features on top of the underlying technology.

Secure Messaging is a example of compliant technology that adds value to the business as a whole. Productivity tools such as message tracking, true message recall and large file transfer elevate the solution from a security sunk cost to an investment in communicating smarter and growing revenue. Information security should not have to be a drain on the IT budget, but an asset that brings tangible benefits to the entire business.

Cirius provides a fully hosted Secure Messaging platform that takes the complexity out of encrypting email so organizations can spend more time on growing their business.

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