How To Impress Customers Using Secure Messaging


The use of Secure Messaging can have a massive positive influence on the perception of your brand, especially when exchanging sensitive information with customers. If they think the manner in which you exchange their highly confidential information is cumbersome with a poor user experience, this ultimately reflects back on your business. In the past, it may have been less important because nearly all secure messaging solutions had a reputation for poor usability, but that is no longer true.

Let’s consider a scenario where you need to exchange confidential information with clients on a monthly or quarterly basis. You can impress them by offering superior secure messaging with unique value-adds:

1. A simple and familiar user interface that is intuitive to use.

2. In addition to a secure web portal, clients also have access to plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Chrome for use with Gmail or so they can have messages visible directly in their inbox of choice. They no longer have to be driven to a web portal as the only option.

3. Real-time tracking embedded in the secure message lets the client know exactly when a message has been received and what additional actions have been taken on it. This has particularly high value for any secure message that is part of a workflow, but for any secure message, clients will no longer have to wonder whether an email they sent was read.

4. Easy secure large file transfer capability. A client can send a 1 GB file securely from their customary inbox even if their organization has a 20MB restriction on file size.

5. Clients get all of the above on native mobile and tablet apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8. They can exchange secure messages and files with you from the airport, at their kids’ soccer games or from a restaurant.

Secure messaging is an important extension of your brand that plays an important role in customer communication. Instead of frustrating customers when you exchange confidential information with them, take the step to delight them.

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Image: Customer 10ch 2.26.09