Webinar: Resolving Risks in Document and E-Signature Security

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Attend our June 28th webinar on document and e-signature security.

  • 97 percent of organizations cite that file sharing brings a high risk for information loss.
  • 75 percent of organizations believe they are currently at risk for data loss.

Combining private data with collaboration looks like a recipe for high anxiety, right? Yet despite this unease, the interactive, instantaneous nature of today’s business necessitates that users share documents with co-workers, partners and customers electronically. Why wait hours or even days to receive critical information when you can get it in seconds via email? Privacy concerns aside, no organization wants to move at a snail’s pace while its competitors race ahead.

Accordingly, the demand to receive authorizations and obtain e-signatures quickly has led many organizations to compromise on document security, settling for marginally secure cryptographically-based electronic signature solutions in order to maintain workflow. In some cases, rudimentary “click-to-approve” solutions are substituted for true e-signatures, putting data security and authenticity at significant risk. Meanwhile, fully secure, authenticated e-signature solutions have been viewed as too costly or complicated to use.

However, as cloud-based technologies have evolved, so have secure e-signature technologies. It’s important for enterprises, organizations in regulated industries, and SMBs to investigate all the options available to them by asking:

  • How can I ensure document security without impeding productivity or adding complexity to the process?
  • Why is it important to authenticate users every time they e-sign and send a document?
  • Can my e-signed files be encrypted and user-authenticated easily within my inbox?
  • What are the consequences for not fully securing e-signed documents in transit and in storage?

Want answers to these questions along with tangible solutions for the e-signature security/workflow dilemma? Attend the EMA/Cirius webinar, Securing the New Digital Enterprise: Trackable, Controlled, and Authorized (Resolving Risks in Document and E-Signature Security) , on June 28 at 11 a.m. Speakers include David Monahan, Research Director, EMA and Kevin Froese, VP of Global Sales, Cirius.

Missed the live webinar? We’ll be updating this post afterward with a link to the recording so you can view the archived version anytime.