Maximizing Your Investment in Data Loss Prevention – Part II


Part Two of Two: What to look for in an encryption tool

In part one of this blog post we covered some of the key questions you should be asking when thinking about how to maximize your existing investment in data loss prevention (DLP) by adding encryption. While many DLP systems come with encryption built-in or offer it as an add-on option, just like DLP, not all encryption was created equal. For heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, financial services and government, the right encryption tool can mean the difference between being compliant and non-compliant.

Here, we will look at some of the features and functionality offered in the new generation of encryption solutions on the market (like Cirius).

Seamless Integration to Existing Infrastructure and Support for Regulatory Compliance

The best way to complement and enhance your investment in DLP is to look for an encryption solution that is easy-to-use and deploy and that leverages your existing infrastructure. In addition to integrating seamlessly with your DLP system, you’ll want a solution that is not key-based and that can auto-decrypt to any archiving or journaling system to support e-discovery and other compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley and other security regulations.

Avoid Interrupting User Workflow

Look for an encryption solution that wraps around existing email infrastructure using existing email addresses and without interrupting workflow. Internal and external users should be able to compose, send, receive and index their secure messages and file attachments (to search for them later on) directly within their usual email application on any device including smart phones and tablets. If users have to leave Outlook, Office 365, Google, etc. to send an encrypted email, this creates barriers and leads to frustration.

What Other Message Control Features Does it Have?

Encryption technology is just the security starting point. Really, what most users and businesses want is greater control over their communications. Cirius’ patented “Delivery Slip,” for example, notifies users in real-time the moment a secure email and its attachments are received and read and empowers users to control whether the message can be replied to or forwarded by recipients. Users can revoke a message after it has been sent and apply additional password protection for sensitive information.

Cirius' patented "Delivery Slip"

Cirius’ patented “Delivery Slip”

Did You Know?

Two of the top five banks in the U.S. have replaced their encryption tools with Cirius. Healthcare organizations around the globe leverage Cirius encryption because of its seamless integration with existing infrastructure and support for HIPAA compliance. Government organizations and law firms trust Cirius to ensure data is protected, secure, auditable and can be indexed for search purposes later on.

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