Nearly Half of Healthcare Breaches Are Caused By File Transfer

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The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Report found that 46 percent of all healthcare security incidents were related to file transfer i.e. lost USB drives, paper files or backup disks. The report cited here “examined more than 63,000 security incidents, [and] found that healthcare organizations had more breaches than any other industry. In addition to lost records, insider misuse and miscellaneous errors accounted for nearly three-quarters of all security incidents at healthcare organizations.”

The statistics don’t lie. Healthcare is overdue to transition away from antiquated file transfer methods such as fax, snail mail, USBs and CDs that are causing providers┬áto rack up millions of dollars in penalties. Giving patients access to easy secure messaging in the email inbox of their choice is also growing in importance for patient engagement and patient satisfaction initiatives. It’s not ok anymore for healthcare to be old fashioned when it comes to file transfer.

Cirius Secure Messaging is a welcome sight for tight healthcare security budgets because it allows providers to deploy quickly and affordably in the cloud without any changes to their existing email network. We often see providers start small with one department and then watch user adoption grow virally as internal staff see the value-added features that help them be more productive (e.g. large file transfer, real-time tracking, secure mobile apps).

Cirius Secure Messaging has so many value-added features that integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 that your employees will want to use it. It actually makes traditional email better for the end user. The best part is that you can be up and running in minutes. Sign up for a free trial to see what innovative secure messaging can do for you.