The New Information Security Perimeter


Pantex perimeter Danny Bradury 7.15.05

It’s not easy being a security professional. You’ve been aggressively ramping up security efforts to protect your organization from sophisticated attackers, but now many are being asked to expand the security perimeter out much further to secure networks of contractors and employees working at home.

At the recent Black Hat Conference a survey was conducted that showed the top two targets identified by self-proclaimed hackers were the login credentials of contractors (40 percent) and those of IT administrators (30 percent).  In both cases, hackers want the credentials as a quick way to get direct access to servers and systems containing valuable company data.

Kevin Jones, senior security architect for Thycotic, said by identifying contractors as a prime target, the poll is a reminder that securing the network perimeter no longer stops at corporate offices. Instead, businesses have to consider the homes as well as remote shared office spaces which are growing in popularity.

Does this mean you’re going to have install secure routers and enforce strong password management for every contractor and employee? Limiting and tightly controlling access of contractors and employees is more realistic and scalable. Another best practice would be to enable contractors and employees with email encryption, DLP and large file transfer they can use safely from any network or on the move via mobile and tablet devices. Security now has to be everywhere.

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