New Opportunities for MSPs in Cloud Security for Healthcare


The past several years have brought significant change for managed services providers (MSPs). The move from on-premise solutions and services to cloud-based offerings that support a broad array of devices is one of the biggest IT transitions MSPs have ever seen. These dramatic changes bring with them a host of new challenges and opportunities related to security, particularly in the healthcare industry.

For many MSPs, the new generation of cloud-based encryption and message control tools on the market are away to differentiate themselves in a crowded arena. With more and more organizations seeking greater security and control over their email communications – whether it’s so they can stay within their compliance and regulatory framework or because they want greater peace of mind as they move to the cloud – encryption and data leak prevention (DLP) tools are playing an increasingly important role.

The Benefits of Bundling

For MSPs that sell hosted email solutions like Office 365, bundling Office 365 with an encryption solution opens up opportunities to sell new services to regulated industries like healthcare. Secure messaging tools like Cirius, for example, allow MSPs to combine Office 365, Outlook or hosted email with an encryption platform that is rapid to deploy, easy to use and wraps around existing email. Employees continue to work in their usual email environment, but are able to send and receive secure messages and attachments. Other advantages include the flexibility to choose in which jurisdiction secured data is hosted – often a necessity for security compliance. Users can also leverage powerful message control features such as real-time activity notifications when a secure message is received and read, the ability to stop replies to or forwarding of messages, and a means to fully revoke messages even after recipients have opened them.

In the US for example, where the number of retail healthcare clinics is on the rise, MSPs that had once struggled to build a healthcare client base are seeing an opportunity to tap into a growing market. While managed services have always played a role in large healthcare organizations, the new “low-touch, rapid-revenue conversion” email security tools that support HIPAA compliance are allowing MSPs to attract a broader healthcare audience to the cloud. From doctor’s offices and dental clinics to labs and other healthcare providers, MSPs for the first time in a long while are seeing higher-margin recurring-revenue opportunities present themselves by way of cloud email security.

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