Offer Cirius Secure Messaging via Odin (Parallels) Automation

Security is moving from niche to a requirement and secure messaging products are in high demand from SMBs. Organizations, particularly in regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and legal, are moving fast to close security and compliance gaps in the traditional email they use today. It’s no surprise that they are turning to their trusted partners for hosted or cloud-based email to add secure messaging solutions. With the help of Cirius’ APS 2.0 package you can offer secure messaging via Odin Automation very easily.

Odin Panel

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Easy to sell

Prospects understand the value proposition of the Secure Messaging Platform: generate short sales cycles, high attachment rates and high adoption.


High margins

Command higher margins because Cirius goes beyond basic email encryption to include data leak prevention, message tracking, large file transfer and mobile apps.


Fast deployment

OEM enablement within days up to a few weeks. Customers can be up and running in minutes.


Automated provisioning and billing

Integrated with Odin Automation using the latest APS 2 packages to deliver automated provisioning and billing.


Innovative features

Backed by seven granted USPTO patents. Highlighted by the ‘Delivery Slip’ from which users can track message activity and set security options easily.


Full White-labeling Supported

Leverage our technology while keeping your brand.

Cirius has brought innovation to the security market through its Secure Messaging Platform – an enterprise-grade cloud solution for encrypting and tracking email, large file transfer, data loss prevention and secure mobile messaging. Cirius is growing fast and is successfully winning against legacy encryption software vendors that have a reputation for being difficult to use, manage and deploy. Get Cirius and offer your customers the best secure messaging solution.

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