Quick Wins in Data Loss Prevention

data protection

Tech Radar conducted an excellent interview with Steve Smith of security consultancy, Pentura, on the subject of how businesses can better protect their data by using data loss prevention (DLP) strategies. Although security breaches continue to make headlines seemingly everyday, utilizing DLP to stop insider threats and employee errors often is an overlooked security practice.

When Smith was asked why DLP can be difficult for organizations to implement, he said:

“The most effective data loss prevention strategy is to approach it in bite-sized portions. This starts with identifying what data the business stores, establishing where it is stored, who has access to it, and putting in place systems and policies to ensure it is protected…DLP is a huge task and too often businesses try to tackle it as one singular issue that has a single resolution when actually it is made up of many smaller components. Businesses that acknowledge this and tackle each component of DLP in a step-by-step manner, implementing the correct protection for each element, have far fewer problems tackling DLP and are far more successful at reducing their scope for data losses.”

Smith is spot on in recommending that businesses simplify their approach to DLP. For example, one goal of DLP is to mitigate the risk of employees emailing confidential information to an unauthorized person either by mistake or with malicious intent. This is a known security risk that causes breaches regularly, damaging brands and costing millions of dollars to remediate. If an organization wanted to close this gap quickly, it could do so in matter of minutes by implementing a cloud-based DLP solution. This is the recommended approach rather than undertake a complicated DLP project with an expansive scope that also impacts your network, which would that take many months to get approval for and deploy.

With the market for DLP seeing unprecedented growth of almost 20% in 2014, it is clear that protecting organizational data will continue to be a priority.

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Image: Data Protection Mista Bob 9.10.11