Simple Secure Messaging for your customers using Gmail, Yahoo,

Easy communication of confidential information with customers differentiates your organization. You can now give the power of encryption, real-time tracking and large file transfer within your customer’s favorite Webmail client such as Gmail, Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Yahoo Mail. The Cirius Chrome Extension installs in 20 seconds and allows customers to read and reply to secure messages without having to navigate to a separate browser, all while keeping the content private from email hosting providers. The simple user interface requires no training to learn, enabling the easy exchange of confidential information, which separates you from the competition.

Chrome extension


Simple User Interface

Does not require navigation to a separate browser nor training to learn.


Real-time tracking

Track and prove when an email is received, read, replied or forwarded.


Complete Message Recall

Instant retraction of messages and attachments even after the message has been read.


For Your Eyes Only (F.Y.E.O.)

Optional F.Y.E.O. password protection for maximum security and privacy.


Send and receive large files

Enable customers to securely send, receive and track any-size file attachments (e.g. 20 GB) from their usual inbox.



Keep secure messages confidential from email providers even if using Gmail or Yahoo mail.

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