Have Secure Messaging Your Way


When many security professionals think about cloud-based secure messaging, they assume they may have to sacrifice customization in order to enjoy the benefits of the cloud. That is no longer the case. Cloud-based secure messaging does not have to be one-size fits all as organizations can benefit from a deployment that meets their specific needs.

Here are a few key areas of cloud secure messaging that can be tailored to fit individual requirements:

Flexibility to meet Data Jurisdiction Requirements

For global organizations and firms with compliance requirements, local data jurisdiction when using cloud services can be a critical requirement. Cirius provides the flexibility to choose between different data jurisdictions or even architect a global approach to with multiple deployments per region. This flexibility ensures that sensitive information remains in-country.

Configured product functionality

The Cirius Secure Messaging Platform offers a rich feature set across multiple products that include secure messaging, data loss prevention (DLP), and large file transfer. Customers are not only able to choose which combination of these products they want, they can “turn on” or “turn off” many of the individual features in each product across their organization or by different user groups to have it meet their needs.

Branded to your organization

Secure messaging is an important means for an organization to communicate with customers, which is why branding is critical to incorporate into secure messaging. Cirius enables customer to brand web portals, email plugins and web apps as well as individual messages so that a customer understands clearly that a secure message is from you. Even if your organization has many different brands, Cirius makes it simple to setup and manage the branding of each one.

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