Security, Mobile and the Cloud Are Top of Mind For IT


What’s top of mind for IT right now?  According to a recent survey from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, it’s information security, mobile and the cloud.

  • The top priorities for organizations over the next 12 months are security (60 percent), cloud computing (55 percent) and mobile computing – including BYOD- (53 percent).
  • Over the next three to five years, the survey revealed that the top priorities for organizations are security (54 percent), big data (42 percent) and cloud computing (40 percent).
  • However, 92 percent feel their organizations do not have enough resources to address the management issues and IT trends that their company has prioritized.
  • More than half surveyed (53 percent) said they needed enhanced IT skills among their existing workforce while only 8 percent said they had enough resources.

Adam Thilthorpe, Director of Professionalism at The Charted Institute said: “It’s quite clear that security is the main thing keeping IT professionals awake at night. This is no longer an IT issue alone, but the most important issue for the board. The reputations of many organizations now rely not only on the traditional elements such as customer service but also increasingly on the way in which they handle and secure their customers’ data.”

Given the importance of information security, the prioritization of security in the survey results is encouraging. However, it remains to be seen whether organizations will invest in security at a level that a top organizational priority deserves.  Also noteworthy in the survey was that nearly all (92 percent) organizations feel they do not have enough resources to address the management issues and IT trends that their company has prioritized. This is where cloud security solutions can be a boon for organizations because they don’t require heavy investment in IT resources as on-premises solutions do. If organizations are going to invest more in security, investing in cloud security solutions will increase the  likelihood of success by making deployments easier and faster.

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