Security Spending Continues Shift to Cloud and DLP


Security spending trends from Gartner shared in this recent PCWorld article show a continued shift to cloud-based security applications as well as to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Some of the notable trends are:

  • Worldwide spending on information security will top US$71 billion this year, an increase of 7.9 percent over 2013.
  • The data loss prevention segment recorded the fastest growth at 18.9 percent.
  •  In 2015, roughly 10 percent of overall IT security enterprise capabilities will be delivered as a cloud service. Small and medium sized companies will rely on hosted security services to an even greater extent.
  • Many organizations continue to be short on staff with the appropriate security skills. To keep up with hackers, more than half of organizations will by 2018 rely on security services firms that specialize in data protection, risk and infrastructure management.

As a cloud secure messaging provider ourselves, we already know that spending in cloud security applications is growing. It’s a compelling  value proposition to be able to tell an organization that your security and compliance efforts can be made stronger in minutes with cloud secure messaging, data loss prevention, and large file transfer. For secure messaging, the days of lengthy, complicated and resource intensive implementations are numbered.

It was also interesting to see that DLP was the fastest growing segment. With all the talk about Snowden and email encryption in the news, DLP often gets ignored when it comes to media attention. The fact that spending on DLP solutions grew 18.9 percent indicates that more organizations realize that email encryption by itself is not enough to protect email. DLP is essential to stop employees from unintentionally or intentionally causing a breach through email.

It’s encouraging to see that organizations are prioritizing and investing in security. To see what cloud secure messaging can do for you, sign up for a free Cirius trial.

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