SMB Adoption of Secure Messaging in Healthcare Part 3: Secure Messaging Has Evolved


If you missed the first two parts of our blog series on secure messaging for SMBs in healthcare, you can read them here and here.

The complaints about secure email have been consistent over recent years. It’s too complicated to use, difficult to deploy, difficult to manage and expensive. It’s no wonder that small practices, often with zero full-time IT staff, have been hesitant to fully embrace email encryption. No one wants to want to invest in a product that employees refuse to use.

The Cirius Secure Messaging Platform was designed to overcome the shortcomings of legacy solutions. It is dead simple to use, deployable in minutes, and tightly integrated with today’s most popular email programs such as MS Outlook and Office 365.  As a bonus, it has an array of unique value-added features such as real-time tracking, forward and reply freeze, message recall, F.Y.E.O. password protection and large file capability. In the APDerm incident, a Cirius alternative would have been to send the information like this:

  • In an encrypted email message
  • With real-time tracking to confirm the intended recipient received it
  • With password protection for maximum security
  • With the ability to prevent the message from being forwarded or replied to
  • Even if the message was accidentally sent to the wrong person, it would be protected by the password protection and also could be recalled

Boom. Cirius has evolved secure messaging for SMBs making it more affordable, usable and feature rich at the same time. Every single SMB in healthcare should be using secure messaging as a part of their information security strategy. We are seeing medical and dental practices signing up every day for our solution, which makes us realize that Cirius is resonating in healthcare. Click here for a Cirius  trial to see how easy, affordable and powerful secure messaging can be.