Stopping The Use of Unapproved File Transfer Apps


No security professional wants employees using consumer file sharing applications to send large files. There is little to no control or enforcement of protocol, data security, auditability and not to mention an e-discovery nightmare. An organization may have no idea that its confidential information is exposed until it’s too late and major damage has been done.

Employees turn to consumer file sharing apps to do their jobs because corporate email size restrictions of 10-20 MB are highly restrictive. The best way to stop employees from using consumer apps is to give them a better alternative that is also more secure and easy to use.

Here’s what you can provide your employees through Cirius File Transfer:

Large file transfer directly from their corporate email inbox

By enabling large file transfer directly from an employees customary inbox, it makes secure file transfer easier than using a consumer applicationEmployees would no longer have to take the extra steps of logging in to another application, generating a link for a file then sharing that link to a recipient in an email.

Large file transfer with real-time tracking

Cirius File Transfer is the only solution in the market with real-time tracking so employees know exactly when a file was received, forwarded or whether the message was replied to. The recipient can also be given access to tracking so both senders and recipients can have full transparency into actions being taken.

Large file transfer from mobile and tablets

Both employees and customers can be given access to secure mobile and tablet apps so they can send secure large files and messages from any device and location. That’s consumer convenience paired with enterprise grade security.

On the security side, you get encryption, auditability, the ability to recall, archive, password-protect and stop the forwarding and replying of messages with attachments. Cirius delivers the balance of productivity and security needed to ensure a successful security deployment. Sign up for a free trial here to see how Cirius File Transfer can help you stop consumer file sharing apps from placing your organization at risk.

Image: Stop Sign Grunge Nicolas Raymond 9.5.12