Top 10 Worst Security Breaches in Q2


Hacker by mikael altemark 4.2.07

Did you know that 381 reported breaches and 10.8 million records have been exposed in the first six months of 2014? CSO Online posted this excellent summary of the worst security breaches that took place in just the second quarter of 2014.  The consistent rate of high profile breaches and the variety of organizations being impacted is eye opening.

For your reading pleasure is a summarized top ten of the CSO Online list.

  1. EBay –  Hackers stole approximately 145 million user names and encrypted e-mail addresses from its databases.
  2. AOL – a cyberattack compromised up to tens of millions of accounts and significantly increased the amount of “spoofed email” from AOL email addresses.
  3. Michaels – the arts and crafts store chain said information on 3 million payment cards from customers were compromised. Plus, at its subsidiary Aaron Brothers art and framing stores, 400,000 customer payment records were compromised.
  4. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services – hackers broke into a department server containing about 1.3 million records on client information.
  5. Paytime – a Pennsylvania payroll company had an estimated 233,000 records compromised by hackers.
  6. P.F. Changs – customer debit and credit card numbers were been stolen from 33 stores in 18 states affecting as of yet undetermined number of people
  7. Butler University – personal information of up to 160,000 students, faculty and alumni was put at risk because of a suspect who placed the information on a flash drive.
  8. NRAD Medical Associates – a Long Island, N.Y.-based radiology practice discovered that an employee had acquired PHI from NRAD’s billing systems without authorization on up to 97,000 records.
  9. American Express – several large files containing personal information on 76,608 American Express accounts were posted on the Internet by hackers claiming to be associated with the worldwide hacking collective Anonymous.
  10. The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. – 55,000 of its veteran members had their personal information breached by hackers, possibly from China seeking military information.

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