Concerned About E-Signatures? Ask the Right Questions.


“Is this legal?” Often, this is the first question people ask about e-signatures. It might not be the right question, though; or not the only one you should be asking. Often, the bigger security concern is protecting the transmission of the signed document as much as validating the signing itself. E-signature apps are everywhere these days. Protecting that information during the exchange is something else.

Moreover, requirements and regulations for e-signatures vary by industry, region, and even document type. Whether it’s legal contracts, patient lab results, financial documents, or anything you need validated, you need to figure out more than just whether the e-signature will be prima facie legal.

For example, legislation in the U.S., E.U., Canada, and elsewhere sets guidelines for the validity of e-signatures (in an effort, it should be noted, to promote their adoption). Beyond assuring the validity of the signature itself, most legislation stipulates that the transaction be securely encrypted throughout for the signature to hold up.

Acts such as E-SIGN, HIPAA, S-OX, GLBA, PIPEDA, and more are just the beginning as we move into a true digital economy. Here are a few questions you need to ask about the solution you’re considering:

  • Are my documents and data fully protected during transmission and storage?
  • Could my email and file attachments be intercepted?
  • Can I prove the identity of the signatory and guard my document’s integrity against repudiation?
  • Will users need to use multiple (potentially unsecure) applications to fulfill the request?

When it comes to selecting an effective e-signature solution, don’t hesitate to ask the right questions.

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