When It Comes to Email Cloud Security, Your Defense Should Never Rest


Legal professionals face difficult decisions on a daily basis, and choosing email cloud technology is no exception. Do the cost benefits outweigh the compliance risks? Can I freely exchange client emails on my smartphone? How private is my sensitive data? Although most email security vendors tout encryption and budget benefits, firms looking for full protection should examine the evidence before reaching a verdict.

According to the 2015 Legal Technology Survey Report, confidentiality and security now top attorneys’ “worry list”, and they cite vendor reputation as the most important factor in their decision-making process. Despite this lingering trepidation, lawyers increasingly adopt cloud-based email to save money and better serve clients, who more often than not, already work in the cloud. Because these clients expect instant information updates, attorneys require hassle-free email and the ability to send large files quickly.

To fully protect these messages, email encryption is crucial. But even with solid encryption, the case for security is far from closed. Why?

All Encryption Is Not Created Equal

Legal messages should be encrypted from the desktop, enabling security and control of email and attachments directly within the email client. Plus, it needs to support e-discovery and archiving without requiring encryption keys.

To Err Is Human

Email security only begins with encryption. Several sources cite that 25-30% of email data breaches occur due to user error. With this in mind, attorneys need the ability to determine whether a message can be forwarded, answered or printed as well as the means to recall emails (even if opened).

The Case for Mobility

Attorneys and their clients frequently communicate in the mobile realm, where uniformity of platforms and devices cannot be enforced. According to an ABA survey, 91% of lawyers use smartphones to check email, most of which were user-owned, and 49% use tablets. So security should be platform-agnostic and extend to all devices.

Cirius makes it simple for legal professionals to solve these concerns. Just analyze the evidence: years of experience, comprehensive encryption, large file transfer and advanced control functionality will ensure sound reputations and full compliance.